Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vocations up 550% in Kneeling Communion Diocese

Madison Wisconsin Bishop  Morlino gave the message below a few years back, 2010 I think.

Father Z is reporting that under his Excellency's direction the number seminarians has exploded from 6 to 33!! (

Perhaps  there are several factors at work here.....but, if the Holy Father, Pope Francis, is serious about re-invigorating the Church, then I think it is time for his 'Mount Carmel' moment.  I am referring  to the famous contest where the Prophet Elijah invited King Ahab and everyone to witness a contest between him and his enemy clerics.(Who happen to be prophets for the false god, Ba'al).

It is time to reach a final judgement on the experiments of the past 50 years.  Let him look hard at --what  practices have promoted holiness and growth and evangelization and reverence and worship of Jesus Christ and SALVATION --- and what practices have not, and have even strangled faith and led little ones to have a lackadaisical attitude towards our Lord and have corrupted Christ's Teachings and driven the poor to leave the Catholic Church for other faiths. (as has happened undeniably in his Holiness' own native land)

Pope Francis must eventually decide what he hates  less:

a) tradition minded Catholics, his so-called 'museum mummies'
b) empty Seminaries coupled with emptying churches

Time is short.  He must overcome whatever prejudices he might have brought with him from Argentina and promote either option a or option b as his program for the Church

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