Monday, March 16, 2015

Scholars Dissect Ridley Scott's 2005 Crusader Film for Historical Accuracy

For the past two Monday's, Jay Steven Robert's 'Real Crusades History' youtube channel has been painstakingly treating 'Kingdom of Heaven'.

The verdict, so far is

1) The film is well shot and the costumes/clothing and ambience are accurate.

2) The theme of the movie, its blaring message, is demonstrably wrong, i.e. that the only noble Crusaders there were, were ones who shared modern-day agnosticism and cynicism and religious pluralism, (in other words, the 'good guys' believed and disbelieved whatever it was Ridley Scott believed and disbelieved at the time he directed the film).

3) btw, beheading the corpses of suicides as punishment for the next world unforgivable sin was not practiced.  This desecration of the hero's wife's corpse--by a Catholic priest-- at the beginning of the film features highly in the film's story line.

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