Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lavender Wrath

Some of  positions taken lately by outspoken lesbians and homosexuals against same-sex marriage/adoption/IVF,etc, robertlopez and dolce+gabanna and salopards, are very brave!!!--I say brave because Lopez and Dolce /Gabanna have and will most definitely suffer withering economic and emotional attacks from the 'lavender community'.

And, speaking of withering attacks, I recently spoke with a woman whose story would fit right in with the stories that Robert Lopez has been documenting on his website.  The story of the dark, flip-side of coming-out-of -the-closet

the story goes....

She and her husband were married in the Church, had two boys and were active in the Church and even themselves trained altar servers.  Then, after twenty some years together, with boys in jr high and high school, the husband announced that he was leaving her for a man.  The husband and his boyfriend both have highly paid civil service jobs, but nevertheless that affluence did not cause him to give his wife a generous split.... he instead implemented a bridge-burning tactic and, among other things....

1. accused her of having sexual relations with their sons
2. accused their former marriage counselor of having sexual relations with his daughters

The above did cost the parties involved considerable legal fees, not to mention permanent bruising to their reputations and their psyches.

It is all quite wild!  Elton John's screaming threats against Dolce and Gabanna, the group-think-Mafia's trashing of Robert Lopez, this husband's character assassination of both his wife and someone who was trying to help him....

With the 'lavender community's' demonstrated penchant for organization and group-think and calumny and take-no-prisoners tactics, it all makes me wonder about  our large population of homosexual Catholic clergy and really if they had nothing to do with Pope Benedict's abdication and Pope Francis' elevation.

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