Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why Kneeling Catholic will remain anonymous!

Over the years, kc has been challenged----by some very good Catholics, e.g. Diane of Te Deum, an Ordinariate mutually enriching priest I much admire, and some very progressive Catholics, e.g. praytellblog--- to man-up and stop being anonymous.

Despite my deep respect (I mean this sincerely) for my challengers.  I don't see the advantage or the spiritual benefit of outing myself.

1) I have always intended this blog to be my little spiritual act of charity....why should I want a trumpet to blare out my name and not my message?  I might become the issue and my message might be drowned out.

2) (a less than noble motivation)  suffice it to say: I  have a highly placed ministry in my diocese, Corpus Christi.  Why should I endanger my position not-to-mention the positions of my loved ones who also enjoy serving his Excellency? (should my free-expression ruffle the wrong feathers!) 

3) (another less than noble motivation) my full-time job entails a background check wherein a large internet footprint is a liability.  Why should I endanger my livelihood and (that of my loved ones) when it is not necessary?

4) I am more than willing to out-myself to clerics  and those whom I trust who promise not to tell, IF they have a need to know.

5) I might be wrong...but I don't believe persecution is something I should invite and in the current climate, broadcasting *me* might bring that on.  Why should I make it easy for my ordinary to do-his-Holiness-a-favor, have word with me and suggest I take a prayerful-timeout?

6) The words and actions of Cardinal Mueller and Bishop Campbell ([don't] Protect the Pope) should serve as a warning to Catholic bloggers, especially loyal, traditionally minded ones, that being the friend to 'conservative' clerics can backfire.  Loyal SOCs (sons of the Church) can get treated like Royal SOBs, and vice versa!

I invite anyone to try to convince me otherwise!


  1. Tell those people to mind their own business unless they promise to contribute financially to your family in case there is blow-back should you go public.

  2. Well that's just it, Dymphna! I think they might just say I should be willing to invite financial ruin and count it as 'gain. ' Actually the challenges tend to come when someone disagrees with it might be more of 'you-need -to-get -what's-coming-to-you' :-)

    regardless...I'm with you! Broadcasting my name seems to me to be all about me. I'd rather not have all my reward in this life, and am hoping for some in the next!

    Pray for me and mine!!