Sunday, May 4, 2014

Church Greeters Can Be the Enemy of Eucharistic Reverence!

I just finished Joseph Shaw's LMS Chairman article Protect the Pope: double standards, Part 3 !

Mr. Shaw mentions... 'parish busybodies who show no respect for the Blessed Sacrament.'

Boy oh boy, that hits a nerve!

At the Cathedral we have greeters that meet as you enter right in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  Hand shake, bulletin, a few nice words. 

You really have to be rude just to disengage yourself from the chatter to genuflect!  It's a small wonder that most people so-greeted just skip 'the ceremonial'.   The same thing happens at dismissal.  Greeters station themselves before the Blessed Sacrament and hence screen it out.Small thing, eh?

Small thing, hell!  I hate these small things!  Why must Church people undermine Eucharistic reverence?  Here's an idea:  Put the greeters outside the doors!  That would be nice. No competing with Jesus to see who gets the most attention!

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