Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eucharistic Reverence Undermined at July 6th Papal Mass


I wish I had good news to relate, but :-( , :-( , :-(  !!!

Pope Francis and his MC still do apparently have a 'no hand Communion' regulation functioning,
@ 1hour15min00sec shows. A young lady is corrected to receive on the tongue.  As I have pointed out before, this is captured on camera at almost all of Francis' Masses, (and only in one of Pope Benedict's in all eight years of his pontificate) and no minister would go-out-on-a-limb, and being a 'meanie',  if the Holy Father had said he did not care how Communion is received.

 However the Pope's desire is undermined big-time by....

1) no paten being used by his ministers
2) abundant instances of ministers succumbing to communicants' appeals to take the Holy Eucharist in their hands.

Perhaps it needs to be re-iterated. Hand Communion and casual posture during reception weaken people's faith in  the Real Presence. Period.  

This is a battle worth fighting. and winning.



  1. You might find the 8-minute mark of this video relevant:

  2. Thanks for the link! (for those have not viewed it, it shows Cardinal Bergoglio giving out Communion in the hand, any-old-way)

    I would raise two arguments against using this video to predict the Holy Father's direction as per hand Communion....

    1) You can find images of virtually every conservative, traditionalist cleric distributing Communion that way. :-( They simply have not--until recently--felt empowered to correct this practice. Even Pope Benedict, apparently convinced by the pubication of Dominus Est, waited 3 long years into his pontificate before introducing kneelers for Communion.

    2) Popes change when they become popes. E.G. the Holy Father's exclusive use of intinction, as a salute to the Eastern Orthodox. This is something new for him and should this practice be emulated it will extirpate hand Communion.