Sunday, June 30, 2013

June29th Papal Mass is Reverent with Virtually Zero Hand Communion

Tune in at 1hour44min20sec to see deacons kneeling to receive Holy Communion
and at 1hour44min45sec  and 1hour48min40sec to see hand communicants being corrected to receive on the tongue.  (there is the only single instance of hand Communion filmed shortly after that)

I don't think all you pessimists are giving fully weight to the magnitude of this impetus, i.e. that to eradicate hand Communion.  Here is gentle Francis, who would not hurt a fly, forbidding hand Communion within the Basilica. Not just in rare instance, but over and over, Mass after Mass.


some people are wondering why the Holy Father doesn't genuflect during Mass......



  1. I am absolutely delighted at seeing the priests and acolytes who were giving Holy Communion instructing the faithful to receive on the tongue.

    Hopefully this is a step towards this being mandated throughout the Church.

    What I was however, very disappointed to see was the Holy Father after the consecration and elevation of first the Host then the Chalice merely bowing and not genuflecting. This is very disturbing.

  2. Thanks,Veritas!

    I wish someone with some video talent would collect them all together into one clip. It would be astounding, and it would also be astounding for someone to insist that these are 'incidental'. Traditionalists ignore them because it goes against their narrative when there is more Eucharistic discipline in Francis' Masses than at Benedicts'. Progressives ignore them as well, because if they were to note that their hero is taking away people's right to Hand Communion, then they would have to explain why they totally oppose his initiative.

    'let's just pretend it isn't happening! we've always picked and chosen from the cafeteria, why stop now?!'

  3. btw, dear Veritas, I think it is perfectly reasonable to see the Holy Father's failure to genuflect as age-related. Many people of his age-group might be able to kneel and or even genuflect, but not without a lot more time and perhaps assistance. Then the headlines read 'Francis has 'knallen' and can't get up!!'

  4. I accept your pint about age related difficulties. However, the replacement of the genuflection with a bow has become so universal that I wish the Holy Father would at least hold the edge of the altar and make a token partial genuflection so that the message was clear that a genuflection was expected at that point of the mass.

    Our Cardinal Archbishop also bows at mass and this also worries me. If this is due to age then perhaps these prelates could ask an altar server to discretely hold their arm while they do at least a bit of a genuflection.

    Nearly every parish Novus Ordo priest now bows instead of genuflects. The example of the Pope is very important.