Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pope Francis out-benedicting Pope Benedict!! Hand Communion strongly discouraged at 16 June papal Mass!!!

Yes, Friends!

If you want to read about 'red shoes and mozettas and vestments', please do yourself a favor and click out of this blog! My focus is narrow.  I believe that Reform of the Reform must begin with Eucharistic reverence.  An extraodinary Mass with incense, vestments and even red shoes (!)  but  without kneeling Communion on the tongue will not 'move my dial'.

Today's (June 16, 2013) outdoor papal Mass had great potential to become a Holy Communion free-for-all!   That has been  what generally happens at outdoor papal Masses for the past 40 years or so.  But TODAY  'abrupt reminders', for people who held their hands out, abounded!  More than ever! [Maybe some of the priests who have been ignoring Msgr. M., hoping for his firing, read the blogs about him staying on!]

It seems that the Holy Father has not kept Msgr. G. Marini around just to throw traditionalists a bone!

You 'half-empty-glass' folks will no doubt be happy to remind me that there are still priests at the papal Mass who hand out Holy Communion any-old-way.  Msgr. Marini's remote control does not always work.  There will always be people-pleasers who will undermine Marini and Pope Francis.  Tune in at 1 hour 34 min and start counting the reminders.  Enjoy!!!  There is a new Pope in town!

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