Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Girl Knocks it out of the Park at Copacabana Beach opening WYD Mass!!!! Beautiful!!!

'Panis Angelicus' silences hundreds of thousands!!

I think she knocks it all the way to Africa!

this from Stephen Lenahan of Atlanta GA


Heavenly moment

Perhaps the most breathtaking part of Mass was after Communion, when a young woman sang the Panis Angelicus. As we were windblown and wet from the falling mist of the weather and the waves, it was the most serene and peaceful I have ever felt in a crowd that big. As I looked out over the entire beach, which is internationally known as a place of partying, scantily-clad beach bums, it was as if heaven had gently come down and reclaimed the entire place. "The angelic bread becomes the bread of men; The heavenly bread ends all prefigurations: What wonder! The Lord is eaten by a poor and humble servant."

I cannot think of a better song to describe the spirit of what is taking place among the young people this week in Rio.

btw, if you care to watch the entire Mass here
she sings at 1H40Minutes.

 Also, perhaps it is signficant that the Vatican cameras captured Zero hand Communion at this out door Copacabana Mass?

 Maybe not :-(....I just watched the papal Mass @ Aparecida and Holy Communion was distributed in the typical free-for-all  any-old-way.  I'll make one positive note at this point and that is the Copacabana communicants featured on camera receiving on the tongue only were much younger than the crowd at Aparecida who were grabbing Our Lord and running away. 

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