Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From Gloria.tv


  1. Dear Kneeling Catholic, Thanks for your blog.
    I have moved back to the USA from abroad yet again, and now I'm on the East Coast, not the West Coast where I experienced anti-kneeling presures in 2011. So far here no one has tried to prevent me from kneeling and receiving the Body directly in my mouth, so far so good. But I have been "corrected" by a priest for receiving The Blood from the Chalice put into my own hands while I was on both knees. Apparently, per the very well educated priest here, I must take the Chalice into my hands in a standing position, and drink standing. He says this is a world-wide rule, because apparently it's dangerously unstable for a layman to drink a liquid while on his knees. Have you heard of this rule? Is he correct?

    Really I'm not so very hot on the whole communal cup in flu season anyway, and at first I felt odd touching the Chalice with my unconsecrated hands. Still, I like to take advantage of the opportunity to receive communion under both species.

    Why don't they do it by intinction?! That's how I got it at Our Lady's shrine in Amsterdam (the Lady of All Nations) where I was converted.

    Kneeling Catholic, would you be so kind as to educate me about the facts, the rules and also your opinions in regards to the Blood?



  2. Dear Zonnige!

    I wish I could 'educate' you, but I must open this question up to someone with more expertise!

    Generally I don't receive under both kinds, but, I think that once you have received under one kind--you have already become a tabernacle-- and you are carrying Jesus Christ--at least for a few minutes, therefore I don't think you should agonize over having to stand up to receive the Precious Blood. Though it would be beautiful to be able to receive the Blood before standing back up....I rarely have witnessed such a practice. (except I believe, at my own wedding)

    Please do not take this too seriously as it is only my opinion....if someone can correct me on this, I will readily yield!

    btw. Pray for the Holy Father, and for the upcoming Conclave!