Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No kneelers @ Camden NJ Bishop's installation :-(

It was hard to not to notice in EWTN's broadcast, the near total absence of Holy
Communion on the tongue.  (Let alone kneeling...the Church where the installation took place had no Communion railing or sanctuary kneelers anyway!)  So much for the Pope's invitation and humble example....it is ignored by the very people he rewards with nice assignments!

Thank God for Camden's Knights of Columbus!  At least they refused the modern-anything-goes way of taking Communion.

I have noticed the KCs' reverence in Corpus Christi as well.

e.g. if both the Knights of Columbus and Knights of the Holy Sepulchre are present at a Mass,
The KC's--all-and-every-- receive on the tongue!  [[many will kneel if a kneeler is present!!]] In contrast, the Holy Sepulchre guys, and their gals--despite their splendid wardrobes!--,  mostly do Communion any-old-way.  :-(


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