Monday, February 4, 2013

Deacon Kandra goes "all in" for kneeling for Holy Communion

Well, Friends!!!

k.c. has featured Deacon Kandra before.....
...and not positively!!

Not that Deacon Kandra should care what my opinion of him is, but for what it is worth,  I have a very high opinion of him!  His 14 January article, quoted below  -- [[Thanks again to Father Z for alerting us to Deacon Kandra's change of heart.]]--  is a blistering indictment of 'Communion-any-old-way'!  Certainly k.c. in  400+ posts has never hit  this nail so squarely!!!

It is time to revive the Don Camillo award!!!!......the winner is..............................................


>>>>>>>;Frankly, we should not only be humbled, but intimidated enough to ask ourselves if we are really spiritually ready to partake of the sacrament. Kneeling means you can't just go up and receive without knowing how it's properly done. It demands not only a sense of focus and purpose, but also something else, something that has eluded our worship for two generations.
It demands a sense of the sacred. It challenges us to kneel before wonder, and bow before grace. It insists that we not only fully understand what is happening, but that we fully appreciate the breathtaking generosity behind it. It asks us to be mindful of what "Eucharist" really means: thanksgiving.
I don't see that much today. It's gone. We need to reclaim it. Pope Benedict XVI seems to agree. He has decided he will only give communion at papal Masses to those who kneel and receive on the tongue. He was gently making a liturgical point. Are we paying attention? 
After what I've seen, I agree with him. We need to get off our feet, and on our knees.
Bring back the communion rail. It's time. <<<<<<<

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