Sunday, September 6, 2009

Columbo: Father Ron Rollheiser 'clarification' is muddy

Father's in black, I'm purple and Lt. Columbo is in orange!

Father's statement in 04 September 2009 edition of Corpus Christi Diocese's South Texas Catholic......

>>>I am sorry that some bad wording in my recent column ' extraordinary women' might have given the impression that the injection given to the woman who was terminally ill in some way hastened her death or was in some way a form of euthanasia. here is the background to that injection:

The woman's system was already shutting down and she had only hours to live. the injection given to her in no way hastened the death process- it only lessened her pain. Indeed it probably lengthened her life sinece it took her out of excruciating pain....The choice was not between hurrying the moment of death or delaying it, only whether she would be conscious or not conscious during her last hours. I want to assure the readers that the injection didn't speed up the death process in any way. I am a very strong opponent of euthanasia of any kind and apologize for this misunderstanding.......<<< What would Columbo do with Father Rollheiser's clarification?

Now yah see Fadda, I'm just tryin' to get this straight in my mind. Something ain't right here! Da dead lady predicted she was going to die that same day and so did her nurse and then she did! I only know a couple a' instances where a poissn can pull that off: a poissn condemned to die, or a suicide. It just stands to reason dat dis has gotta be one or de uddah!

Furthermore regahding dat pain medication, Fadda Rollheisah: The dead lady's statement in your foist ahticle didn't say nuttin' 'bout any pain. She just said she wanted to give her children more time to be home wit' deir families...and if she was experiencing pain, don't ya think da hospital would have given her more than enough pain meds to keep her in lala land?

Da lady says she wanted to give her children more time to be home, dat, by definition would be less time wit' her which wasn't goin' to happen as long she was still hang'n around planet Oit'!You tell me... "I want to assure the readers that the injection didn't speed up the death process in any way. "But da lady musta thought that pallyoutive care unit would shorten her life cuzz dat's what she said she wanted to do before she checked in!

Here's how I sees it:

1. she says she was going to die that day

2. she checks into dat pallyoutive care unit

3. da nois' gives her a shot which da nois' says is da last shot she'll ever get!

4. bam! gophers are bringin her da mail!

As a matter a fact, Fadda, have you stopped to think dat maybe you're not hearing both sides of da story? You talked to the live poissn, what about da victim? maybe she wasn't as wild about da pallyoutive care as her daugta' says she was?......maybe da lady was pressured into taking dat shot, so given what you've told me I can't even rule out homicide, .....


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