Monday, April 8, 2013

Pope Francis continues making communicants kneel for Holy Communion!

How long has Francis been pope?  How long have my  gloomy traddies predicted impending "balloon masses"?  MSGR Marini being fired?  COMMUNION-ANY-OLD-WAY?    Follow this Youtube link and check out around minutes 1:59 to see how the Holy Father [[still!!]] distributes our Lord --this was in Sunday's Divine Mercy Mass at St. John Lateran....!

I'm glad I didn't wager any of my hard earned $ on these predictions!

It's not too early to assess what has happened over the past 3 weeks... as Father MacDonald on Southern Orders has pointed out

Francis' first two U.S. episcopal appointments come from Bishop Bruskewitz'  diocese of Lincoln.  [] Benedict's Altar arrangement remains...(sour-pusses will assure us that it takes a long time to  remove those 6 candlesticks!...[[Benedict super-glued them to the altar!]] you just wait! )  Pope Francis' style---sicut Father MacDonald-- is Ad Orientem...i.e. soft and non-theatrical....kneeling Communion remains!....Guido Marini remains!

Yes, women's feet were washed and the red shoes are gone....I must ask however, if these things out-weigh Francis' reverence for the Blessed Sacrament?  If the Holy Father had kept the red shoes and not have washed women's feet, but instead had started administering Communion any-old way - as did Bl. J.P.II and Pope Benedict at the beginning of his pontificate--, would that have been a good trade?

Let's continue to pray for the Holy Father!  

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