Thursday, August 9, 2012

on music and kneeling E. S.


Just some things i must no particular order:

1. it does make my blood boil when a distinguished church musician
dismisses Holy Mass with the Star Wars anthem!!

2. it totally puzzles me that Corpus Christi Cathedral removed the
 kneeling cushions from the Communion railings -- allegedly for cleaning --
and never put them back.  It has been over 2 years now!

i might add, on this score, the lack of cushions did not seem to hinder one
faithful parishioner E. S.-- who passed away a few months ago  --.  Many
knew him by his prayerful devotion and by the fact that he had but one
good leg!

E. S. once told me  that it had been Father Pacwa's interview  []
 of Bishop Schneider that convinced him that there was only one posture
to assume when Our Lord is so near.   And when, in 2010 , the
cathedral's cushions disappeared --and many nimble folk ceased kneeling for
Communion -- E. S. continued
kneeling even though  it now took him  added time and effort to get all the
way back up again. 

When will our priests learn that every gesture they make sends a message?

If you are from Corpus Christi then you probably know whom i have
mentioned.  Please use your prayers to do him some good.
Knowing him and seeing his humble example certainly
did me good!

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  1. Hi Kneeling Catholic. I am from the Diocese of Leeds England. I have been petitioning my priest and my bishop (Roche) for years and years to let us have a kneeler at the front of church so that those who want to kneel to receive Our Blessed Lord can do so. But the answer is always a big fat NO. Do not ever consider giving up this blog. This blog is most important in the fight to preserve our sacred Catholic Tradition and to restore it. Keep up the good work. Never let yourself be discouraged nor think that you are wasting your time. Your work is of immense value and must be promoted more and more amongst Catholics world wide.