Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marty Haugen's Creation

This morning, in  one of the Cathedral's morning masses featuring Haugen's Mass of Creation,  the cantor drifted into the forbidden "God of power, God of might" during the Sanctus.  [As opposed to "Lord God of Hosts" as it reads in the corrected translation.] 

I think this illustrates the problem of trying to revamp the old, discredited 'wineskins' of the 70's.  The music has been associated so long with the 70's ICEL lyrics that it is almost impossible not to want to sing them.  Mr. Jeffry Tucker of the New Liturgical Movement has written succintly  and  powerfully about Haugen's Mass of Creation in particular here Haugen  . 

Wouldn't it be more in line with the Holy Father's intention if our diocesan music program banished these old tunes?

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