Thursday, December 3, 2009

To his Excellency, Bishop Henry of Calgary Canada

(who has declared war on believers who receive Holy Communion on the tongue)

Your Excellency,

First: ( a plus) let me say you are correct in seeing this as a pivotal issue. Many prelates and laity do not see what all the fuss is about!

Second: (a minus) you are eradicating a practice which tangibly unites us with the Tradition of our grandfathers and our great grandmothers. As Catholics, should we not only be one with Catholics across the world, but also with Catholics across generations and times?

Third: (a minus) In our lighthearted North American culture it is hard to imagine Catholics getting belligerent over a matter of Faith, but you have now backed many good people into a corner. They must either obey you or obey their consciences. Maybe you remember those old Tareyton cigarrette commercials?

I am including it to illustrate how little people can sometimes be very stubborn!

please reconsider your course of action.



  1. Hello K C
    I have just come across your blog and I think it is most interesting. However, I think that both you and Bishop Henry are making a fuss over nothing. The important thing about receiving Holy Communion is to receive it with reverence and with an awareness of just Who you are receiving. In regards to kneeling, that is good if you are ABLE TO KNEEL, but again, not a big deal. For many years I have stood to receive Our Blessed Lord because of a knee injury which prevents me from kneeling. I assure you, that I receive Him no less reverently since my injury than before it! I really don't think we (including Bishop Henry) should judge people's hearts and interior dispositions. That is God's job - not ours! By the way, I always receive Holy Communion ON THE TONGUE! God bless you K C and keep up the good blog!

  2. Hey Breadgirl!

    If two men chose to miss Sunday mass, one because he is mad at the priest and the other one just because he doesn’t feel like it, whose sin is greater? I bring this up because of the perennial debate about what is worse: hatred or indifference? In my opinion indifference can be the greater obstacle.

    From perusing this site you must already know I think your post exudes indifference. I can sympathize since I was in your shoes not 18 months ago. Then the Holy Father began his humble campaign to restore kneeling. Now the pope only gives Communion to kneeling Catholics. [you should know that those unable to kneel are excepted—as they always were even in the ‘bad old days’ of the middle ages] He makes the most simple invitation to all of us: that of a daily example for all the world to see. He’s not lording it over us – he is inviting us. And he is actively and firmly forbidding any bishop who would try to keep us from kneeling at our most intimate encounter with Our Lord. Casually rebuffing his invitation says more about us than it does about him.

    Thanks for the visit!