Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Purple hearts for those wounded in action at Fort Hood?

someone has asked this question on 'yahoo answers'.

Here are some of the responses:

Should every soldier killed or wounded in the Ft Hood shooting be given the Purple Heart Medal? Line of duty?
death or serious wounds are given the Purple Heart Medal, don't the people killed and injured at Ft Hood qualify?

>>Yes they should receive the Purple Heart.*

USMCBAM7>>Unfortunately no they will not receive purple hearts. A purple heart is awarded for Being wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces.

Ruth Ann>>I don't think they qualify

Hooah>>>Being a victim of a crime doesn't qualify anyone to receive a Purple Heart. That is only for woulds sustained in combat. Some may argue that a Jihadist committing an atrocity would qualify, but that would be up to the command. I doubt it will happen.

Grambo>>I hope so, they deserve at least that........heroes they may not have died on the 'front-lines' but that is the point where are the front lines?.They are still heroes in my book.

answering the official question of whether or not our soldiers were "wounded in action" is going to put politicians in the military on the spot. They need to be petitioned to encourage them to do the right thing. So does our Commander in Chief.

as for the murderer... Is it now a matter of indifference to our authorities that Hasan probably has information about other imminent threats? Information he and his buddies hoped he would be taking to his grave. Let's not let that happen!

Mr. Obama! Do you want to revive your approval ratings? Hasan is guilty. We don't need an extended trial to prove that. (if you really are bumfuzzled as to why Nidal Malik Hasan slaughtered our soldiers, then your naivete makes you truly unique!) Is Guantanamo really out of business? Don't we have even one waterboard left? We need to pump Hasan for information and stop worrying about what the world thinks! Does the murderer have buddies? Who are they? and what sensitive information did he have access to that he might have leaked to our enemies?

Did you see 'Taken' where Liam Neeson hooked that guy up to 220 volts AC? Go and do likewise! You have a duty to us and our children, the future targets of terrorists.

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