Sunday, January 18, 2015

People pass Holy Eucharist hand to hand at Papal Mass in Manilla

why is this  allowed!?  (at 1h:37m:30sec)

Is there a fear that the parishioners will stampede or riot unless the Holy Eucharist is distributed in the most laissez faire, haphazard manner possible?  

If that is sort of crowd we think are dealing with, why would we be subjecting our Lord to such a crowd?   If communicants think it is too high a requirement or too much trouble to receive reverently then one does them favor by removing the opportunity for them to commit sacrilege.  No? (Frankism) Truly!

Where is the  basic care taken to prevent souvenir hunters? (

If this is the only case of Our Lord being treated with supreme indifference by His minister-distributors, (and the camera just happened to catch it), then I apologize for nitpicking.  If this was widespread, the blame for such abuses, abscondments and further desecrations lies directly on the event's cowardly organizers.

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