Thursday, December 18, 2014

Voris finds more instances of kneeling Catholics denied Holy Communion


Earlier,UPDATE 10 OCT)Kneeling Catholic,, denied Holy Communion (speaking of whom should be denied Communion!),

I wrote of my experience of being denied Holy Communion and my followup with the priest involved, etc.  To be brief:

1. The priest defended himself using an outdated, 2002, anti-kneeling regulation that has been neglected or revived on the USCCB website.
2. I wrote the priest's Archbishop and told him about my experience and the website issue.
3.  I have received no response as of yet.
4.  The USCCB still has the anti-kneeling 2002 regulation on its website

Voris does his 18 DEC VORTEX on this subject below, but does not seem to be aware of the USCCB website issue:

here is the USCCB website anti-kneeling regulation......


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