Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fr. Barron comes up on kneeling Catholic's radar, (again) hurray for Teilhard!

Father Barron has written a response to the new Cosmos series' formulaic swipe at the Catholic Church.  It is a pretty good article on the whole, but then right at  the apex of his crescendo he drops the name of Teilhard de Chardin as proof that Catholic belief produces great scientists. 

It's as if Father is saying.....

See, Seth MacFarlane, you believe that the human race gradually emerged from sub-human races who,  by the way, survived and progressed by ruthlessly killing off their nearest competitors? Well, so do we! 

You don't believe that our original parents were perfect human beings, nor that there is such a thing as Original Sin?  Well, neither do we!

Father B>>>>>>>>May I mention just a handful of the literally thousands of Catholic clerics who have made significant contributions to the sciences? Do you know about Fr. Jean Picard, a priest of the seventeenth century, who was the first person to determine the size of the earth to a reasonable degree of accuracy? Do you know about Fr. Giovanni Battista Riccioli, a seventeenth century Jesuit astronomer and the first person to measure the rate of acceleration of a free-falling body? Do you know about Fr. George Searle, a Paulist priest of the early twentieth century who discovered six galaxies? Do you know about Fr. Benedetto Castelli, a Benedictine monk and scientist of the sixteenth century, who was a very good friend and supporter of Galileo? Do you know about Fr. Francesco Grimaldi, a Jesuit priest who discovered the diffraction of light? Do you know about Fr. George Coyne, a contemporary Jesuit priest and astrophysicist, who for many years ran the Vatican Observatory outside of Tucson? Perhaps you know about Fr. Gregor Mendel, the Augustinian monk who virtually invented modern genetics, and about Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, a twentieth century Jesuit priest who wrote extensively on paleontology, and about Fr. Georges Lemaître, the formulator of the Big Bang theory of cosmic origins. <<<<<

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  1. See the movie, The Principle soon to be released which shows the special place of the Earth in the Universe, from the data. Also read, Galileo was Wrong, the Church was Right, The Evidence from Modern Science, by Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett.