Friday, December 13, 2013

Holy Father has not yet condemned the November church desecration by a mob in his Homeland.

Holy Father, why do you not condemn the church desecration by a mob in your homeland of Argentina?

Your Holiness, do you have any bigger and better things to do?  I would think not!  What was done was a direct attack on our Lord!  The faithful who shielded the San Juan de Cuyo Cathedral  with their own bodies were themselves desecrated by an ugly mob which consisted not only of chattering women, but also of violent men! (video is linked at the end of this post.  do not watch it unless you have a strong stomach)

Please go there, your Holiness! Perhaps you could seek out these modern-day Gomorrists and Golgathists, and announce that even for this there can be forgiveness IF they will turn from their ways!  Certainly, can there be a better time to gamble some of your dollars of popularity to redeem a few repentant souls –if any will listen?

If you do nothing, you will only convince:

1.     the Gomorrists--that the Church will crumble when She is attacked.
2.     The Church’s traditionalist--that you will not act because you have judged the cathedral’s defenders  to be 'self-referential Pelagians’,   and perhaps even think they got what they deserved.

Do you remember Don Camillo, your Holiness?  Is this not the best way to confront evil, and rescue souls?

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