Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Man to Call Ron Paul Out

Can a Candidate for U.S. President be for legalizing prostitution, homosexual marriage, heroine, marijuana and still be hailed by conservatives?

How about .... can he imply with a straight face that George Bush deliberately allowed terrorists to fly into the World Trade Center?

He can if his name is Ron Paul.  Up until now, conservatives have given Paul a pass.

To listen to the likes of Sean Hannity flattering Paul and saying he agrees with most of what Paul advocates is, well, it says a lot about Mr. Hannity. 

Maybe all this Ron- Paul- coddling is coming to an end.................


  1. Finally, somebody with the guts to say something. I'm surprised the Paul-worshippers who infest AQ/FE and other traditional sites haven't flooded into your combox.

  2. I'm afraid that I must agree with your reservations about the moral stances - some of them, at least - taken by Mr Paul. But I cannot believe that anyone could possibly be excited about any of the others running against him.

    Every other one of them have apparently lost their marbles when it comes to war-mongering, or slavish obsequiousness towards the monsters in Tel Aviv. None of these others will lift a finger to fight abortion, put the brakes on the promotion of sodomy or get our financial house in order. Every one of them is in bed with the financial oligarchs who are bleeding this country dry. They talk conservative, and act liberal, like most Republicans.

    What a sorry state of affairs. We have a choice between the Democrats - the party of sodomy and abortion, and the Republicans - the party of usury and war. Some choice.

    For all Paul's faults (and he does have some) he is most likely less dangerous than any other Republican or Democrat currently in the running. At the very least we can expect him not to start any more wars of aggression against innocent people. And as a Catholic I can certainly commend that.

  3. Good Day, I do not know who you are, or where you are from, but shouldn't it be confusing that conservatives, more to the point, Orthodox Catholics are supporting Congressman Paul?

    That alone would be enough to give me enough reason to do a lot of research to understand and get to the bottom of hype surrounding this one man.

    I used to be a neo-conservative--up until last year. And, I only became a Ron Paul supporter this year.

    I am a Catholic who is fierce about defending his faith and loves saving babies. I even helped run the first 40 Days for Life efforts in Washington, DC.

    That said, I am no lightweight Catholic when it comes to pro-life and pro-family issues.

    To address one of the issues you bring up, from a catholic historical standpoint:

    We know the Catholic Church has been around for 2000 years. We know the Catholic Church wielded a lot of power and was very well respected by sovereign Kings and Queens, who for the most part knew their place in society, except for the likes of Henry VIII and tyrants that followed afterwards.

    We know from our history, that we have been blessed with great saintly minds like Aquinas, Bonaventure, Augustine, Catherine of Siena and Therese of Avila. We have even had saintly kings and queens, the likes of Louis IX and Wenceslus, and the good emperor, Blessed Karl Von Hapsburg.

    Throughout the time when the Church wielded all this power, not once did we see fit to exterminate prostitution, drugs and other ills not fit for consumption by the social order.

    What we see instead is a Church that understood how the evils of this world would have to be tolerated. St Thomas Aquinas even wrote about this very issue as did other saints.

    The Kings and Queens, having all authority given to them by God, did not dare rule against these evils as we have now done in the 20th century.

    When an educated society imposes such laws on the citizens, it runs the risk of creating a more corrupt society as Thomas Aquinas explained and delivering to the devil, the passions of men.

    The first government in the modern Christian world to call for government intervention in the affairs of marriage was the French government. This ruling came as a direct result of the French Revolution, after the murdering of thousands of priests and pious citizens. Mind you, all they really did was expound on the ideas heralded by Martin Luther, the divider of the Church.

  4. Does it cause you pause, as it did me, to think that when all power was given to us, we did not close shop on prostitutes and the likes?

    The second point I would like to make is that the Prohibition on Alcohol in the United States was another travesty on the American people, not even on the realm of civil liberties, but the moral code of Christianity was challenged.

    During the 20s, we find an era that was flooded with high crimes and gang activities wrongly attributed to Al Capone alone. There was a direct correlation between the rise of crimes, and the ban on alcohol.

    A few years later, thankfully, we realized that it was the wrong thing to do in the first place, but not after thousands of people lost their lives and government bureaucracy had infested the nation.

    What is the point to all of this? Ron Paul seeks to defend what has always been our right given to us by God under our freewill.

    People are free to live in sin, or not. Our Church supports that. People are free to embrace freedom from dependency to created goods or not.

    When we ban prostitution, what is to stop a man/woman from still committing the sin under his/her own roof?

    When we ban drugs, we create a higher demand. The demand grows and becomes dangerous. Our government knows this, because they are the ones that benefit from all of this.

    If things like this can be explained by simply going back to history through the eyes of the Church, then I am satisfied with that.

    I will not let immoral laws (albeit for a good) dictate my life. I have to be the adult to say yes by my actions or no by my actions.

    Why should the government tell me that I have to register with them before I get married. Only my Church can tell me that.

    We are so wound up in these laws that we have now forgotten the way to the Church. Instead, we get our license from the clerk, and then walk to the judge's court room, and have him or her marry us.

    How convenient too. When we want divorces, we also follow the same process and then leave our Churches out of the discussion.

    How can the church then assert that she has an important ole, when she is being upstaged by the government for that same important role?

    We have the poor in society to give the rich a conscience. We do not tell our government to pass laws to make it illegal to be poor and legal for the government to collect money from the rich to give to the poor.

    My responsibility as outlined by my faith is to tend to the poor. They are there for my benefit. If I fail in this life, I have God to answer to--not the government.

    Keep the government out of marriage, so that the Church can rule on what it thinks is right. This way, the courts cannot argue that since they protect one right, they have to uphold another. That argument becomes mute.

    That is what it means to live in a Christian society.

  5. Bottom line, when something becomes illegal, it becomes more appealing. People will make profits on smuggling and killing for the sake of the good and profits from it.

    When a good or service is tolerated by the government, there is no money to be made and lives are not lost. The appeal for it is lost.

  6. Sorry to bombard you, but I care that you are getting all the information you need to weigh before making a decision.

    Here is a letter from a Catholic explaining each of Ron Paul's policies using Catholic references and principles.