Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brazilian Blogger gets a pat on the back from our hero, Bishop Athanasius Schneider!!

(this is a google translation of Bishop Schneider's 24 April 2010 letter)

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear Mr. Dr. Rafael Vitola Brodbeck and all friends of the blog SAVE THE LITURGY!

Having seen the goals of Your blog, I think they are commendable and very current. They try to walk with the authentic spirit of the Church, cultivating the "sentire cum ecclesia", ie thinking and how the Church. Divine Providence has given to our time the most precious gifts in the person of Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope shows in his teaching and practical examples to the whole Church in unequivocal and clear the true spirit of the liturgy.

Even before the pontificate Cardinal Ratzinger he left a rich education on the Sacred Liturgy, especially in his book "The Spirit of the Liturgy." If we love the Church, we follow with great docility liturgical teaching and the specific examples that pertain to the liturgy of the Supreme Pastor of the Church. I think this Pope had entered history as Pope angelic, like Pope and zealous lover of Divine worship.

The teaching and example of Pope Benedict XVI are the most authentic interpretation of liturgical spirit of Vatican II. God grant that every bishop and priests to meekly accept this liturgical teaching of the Pope and implement it in their churches. I want to encourage you all to continue this noble and vital goal for the church, which is living with abundant spiritual fruit liturgy and promote the sanctity and its authentic spirit in the Church of our times.

For that I thank and bless you in Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary,

+ Bishop Athanasius Schneider, ORC Auxiliary Bishop of Karaganda, Kazakhstan

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